Here, Glow Beets uses the dramatic neon backdrop inspired by the megalopolis as the setting of a song sealed by a modern twist, and on it layers a wealth of elements that create charm and involvement: funky rhythmic guitars, working on the edge of soaring lead synths and soulful slap bass, create the right context for vocal chops, set in a number with a prosperous and luxuriant sound, tremendously ready for the dance floor.

This is the distinctive signature of a creative that is more than just a producer; it’s the caliber of Jonny Amos, whom we had the pleasure to meet for the first time just a few days ago, talking about his previous release ‘Us Against The World’. If you missed the article, you can read it here: Glow Beets // Us Against The World

Glow Beets “is a label and a brand that pushes up-and-coming artists to the mainstream streaming market. It has always been a value of the Glow Beets brand to enhance emerging talent through the label and Tazmin is an artist I’ve wanted to work with for a while now,” Jonny Amos explains.

Thus, in the wake of a successful 2019, which saw the launch of the Glow Beets brand in the form of Sample Label and the release of seven hugely popular sample packs in partnership with Sounds by Native Instruments, LANDR and Beatport Sounds, Amos is now releasing a new single every month throughout 2020.

Having penned songs for international artists, which include UK X Factor winner Shayne Ward, Euro pop star, # 1 in Portugal, Miss D, Danish teen sensation Honik, US Soul starlet Jackie Paladino, and UK electro pop artist Hatty Keane, he has already proven his multifaceted and elastic versatility.

Not satisfied with this prolific creative perspective, Glow Beets’ new project is shaping more and more like a rosy string of numbers that are compelling not only because of their heterogeneous offer, but also because of the exciting outlook set by having opened collaborations with a variegated and noteworthy group of emerging artists.

‘Tokyo After Dark’ is out on Friday 31st July, 2020, available on all major streaming platforms. The release of the single is accompanied by a lyric video available on the Glow Beets YouTube channel.

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