“Island Of Tears” is the second single by new artist Gliffo, with which he reached the first position in four categories of the German Amazon charts.

Solar and catchy, “Island Of Tears” is a reggae song with rock elements, which deals with divers watches developed on an Italian island (Island Of Tears), near Venice.

His first single “Get The Sun In Your Head” climbed the Amazon German and Italian download rankings, to the point where at the beginning of April 2019 Gliffo already had 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Get The Sun In Your Head” is also original in the way it was born. Although Gliffo had never written a song, he woke up one morning with a melody in his head. Whistling it, he recorded it on his smartphone. After a couple of months, with the help of friend and producer Jörg Sieghart, “Get The Sun In Your Head” was out and reached the top positions in the Amazon charts. Today, those listeners are almost 20,000.

In both cases we are faced with songs with really catchy melodies, perfectly constructed arrangements, and a masterly production. Each element is in the right place, ensuring an intelligibility that’s so clean it’s disarming.

If you are still wondering if, at the edge of 2020, it might still make sense to write songs with catchy melodies and invest resources with a producer, then we advise you to listen to Gliffo‘s music.

Listen now to “Island Of Tears“, the second single by Gliffo, which is available on Spotify [ here ] and Youtube [ here ].

To know about Gliffo check his official website [ here ], on Tunesday Records website [ here ] and follow him on Facebook [ here ].

Gliffo // "Island Of Tears" - artwork
Gliffo // "Island Of Tears" - artwork