Giudi - portrait

In view of the release of her debut album announced for May 2020, on February 18 the Black Forest artist Giudi released her single ‘Sleeping Boy’, confirming herself as one of the most charismatic, magnetic and creative artists of the current alt-pop music scene.

Her creative style, in which she combines music with fashion and visual arts, presents themes such as sustainable fashion and diversity in society.

Giudi // Sleeping Boy - single artwork

This is also the case for her latest single ‘Sleeping Boy’, a number of electronic pop with a scenographic and dreamy musical climax, that features floating, ethereal synthesizers and is pushed with visceral transport by immersive deep bass lines and a rhythmic structure of danceable syncopes. The song offers us the uplifting and reflective story of a boy who wants to break free from the pressures of society and circumstances that trap him.

With ‘Sleeping Boy’ Giudi shows off all the communicative power of her artistic figure. Having become a solo artist in 2017, this talented producer and singer routinely demonstrates all the experience and skills she gained on the field, having toured across Europe and having been requested as a performer in many international fashion events and music festivals.

The release of Giudi’s single ‘Sleeping Boy’ is accompanied by an unmissable official video, available on Giudi’s Youtube channel. In the video she brings us a performance impeccably set in a contemporary context, that exquisitely enhances and binds with the theme of mental health of the song.

Working with stylists such as Flora Miranda, Imrczeova, Stop Is Start, Nastassia Aleinikava and Natalie Dufkovaa, and visual artists such as Jakub Ra and Veeeky (Beijing), Giudi’s musical journey also saw her front a rock band, reach the final in the Czech/Slovak edition of X Factor and obtain the Silver Award for new artist at the Czech Music Awards 2018.

Now signed with the British label Minimal Surface, Giudi is committed to recording a new album due out in May 2020, with a summer tour that will see her perform in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Listen now to ‘Sleeping Boy’, Giudi’s latest single, available for streaming on all major digital platforms.

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