After the electronic dream-pop of her last single Sleeping Boy – we talked about it in a previous article that you can read here – Giudi pushes her creativity towards the purest sounds of trip hop and lo-fi, serving a formidable expressive piece, releasing the single and the video ‘NoBody’.

Grasping with perspicacity a feeling that’s widespread right now, one that makes us have deeper thoughts about our existence, about our behavior and its consequences, with ‘NoBody’ Giudi gives us a release about the lightness of being.

As she explains, the lyrics have a double meaning: “‘Nobody is home’ means that your body is only the ‘container’, a shell for your spirit. Your true identity belongs to some other place, other ‘home’. In this meaning you perceive your inner-self. Instead ‘No Body is home’ is about your physical body with all its imperfections, about accepting ourselves how we are because it is such a waste of time to make a big deal about your imperfections.” Giudi continues: “I see beauty in the diversity of human bodies and it’s an inspiration to perceive the human body as a white canvas and just play with it.”

The interstitial reflexive immersion in which Giudi takes us with “NoBody” is about the constant process of accepting ourselves, which through the liberation from our physical body can allow us to bring our consciousness to higher levels. As difficult as it is to accept ourselves, to reveal our secrets, to allow others to see our imperfections and to show our vulnerabilities, here Giudi tells us: “I have had enough of the perfect, polished beauty standards so I am showing you my real face. I am showing my dry skin, my swollen legs, acne and cellulite. Let’s be real!”

And it is thanks to this concept of naked and raw truth, perfectly reflected in the song and especially in the video of ‘NoBody’, that Giudi gives us an intense work of contemporary music, so full of expressiveness and communicativeness: in being visionary and at the forefront, she is a mirror of today that actually can also reflect the future.

Listen now to ‘NoBody’ and find out more about Giudi’s music, checking the links below: