‘Die Like a Rockstar’ is talented Gio Bermejo’s first person narrative about the frustration and decadence of an artist’s life, and how by taking an undervalued road one can sometimes provoke their own self destruction.

In the thrilling video of ‘Die Like a Rockstar’, Gio uses the iconic figure of James Dean as his inspiration, bringing to us his message about rebelliousness and independence against the music industry.

‘Die Like a Rockstar’ is part of ‘NOTE 2 MYSELF’, a project consisting of a collection of songs that arise from the artist’s depression and self-destruction.

Through it, Gio takes us on a journey into his world, including audiovisual adventures, inspired by some of the most iconic deaths of popular culture, to narrate his own story. The story of an artist who, thanks to his music, has managed to transform an entire life, from darkness into light.

An unmissable stellar production you’ll absolutely will want to listen to and watch!

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Gio Bermejo // Die Like a Rockstar
Gio Bermejo // Die Like a Rockstar