Gianni Cocco // The Cult - single artwork

After a long period searching for himself in various bands, it seems that the time has finally come for Gianni Cocco to emerge as a solo artist.

Gianni Cocco - portrait
Gianni Cocco - portrait

Recently the French musician, producer and beatmaker unveiled the single ‘The Cult’. A passionately personal and visceral work, the track sounds expressively full of, and sonically saturated with, the sum of Cocco’s knowledge, skills, and experience, which he fishes out of his professional background to bring us a song of impeccable quality.

With ‘The Cult’ the artist sets up an evolved and dynamic cinematic sound atmosphere, which exquisitely conveys the theme that inspired him. Cocco’s artistic act moulds the sound waves, defining a universe that struggles between the rejection of the idea of simply following fashion, and the (very in vogue) desire to instil an ecological consciousness into the world. Developing from more relaxed and introspective spheres to more biting and aggressive liberating fits, in its 5 minutes of length the track flows away like water, accompanying us through tense developments, strong emotions, and hypersensitivity, which come to flow out into an overwhelming tidal wave of sounds and emotions.

Taking us up and down along a long narrative parable, with ‘The Cult’ Cocco makes us continuously soar and plunge between the valleys and the peaks of the tumultuous waves of a stormy sea. The pressing and feverish rhythm that mounts in the middle of the track is what spurs us to swim frantically, to try to stay afloat and keep our head out of the water, on pain if drowning.

An effort on the edge of the superhuman, which in the outro will take us to see the small island of salvation that’s featured in the artwork, illuminated by a pale moon. Climbing up its small hill, we can finally glimpse a new horizon, a new tomorrow.

While ‘The Cult’ was entirely composed and produced by Cocco, its creation has seen the work of many collaborators of the French artist, including Gianni’s partner, the illustrator Marion Thuillier.

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