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Taking inspiration from the vocal rawness of Elvis Presley and Janis Joplin, the flamboyancy of Marc Bolan, and the hair of a young Cyndi Lauper, Georgia sports a rich and great voice that certainly does not go unnoticed.

Georgia Crandon is a charming 23-year-old artist from Essex. She began her music career back in 2015 when she came 2nd in the national music contest Teenstar. Since then, she’s gone on to join forces with muso friends called The Vintage Youth.

Last year they performed as a support band to thousands of acts, taking part in a 50 date UK tour culminating at the Royal Albert Hall. Major festival appearances include the Isle Of Wight Festival, Cornbury Festival, and Cheltenham Jazz Festival.

During Covid-19 lockdown Georgia has appeared in a number of live stream concerts gaining over 100,000 views and many new fans and culminated in her successful release of the Elvis cover, ‘If I can dream’ which raised money for the NHS.

Now under the wing of new management, the top UK management company TALENTBANQ, Georgia, has embarked on the next chapter of her journey. In the wake of this rosy momentum comes the 4-track EP “Overthinker,” from which we selected the single “Heavy Eyes.”

Georgia & The Vintage Youth // Heavy Eyes single cover
Georgia & The Vintage Youth // Heavy Eyes single cover

With the release of “Heavy Eyes,” Georgia & The Vintage Youth have raised the bar once again, being a song in which an eccentric jazz touch is mixed with that of passionate soul, taking us back to the atmosphere of the 50s and 60s.

Romantically organic and coherent, while the melody is distinguished by a vintage aesthetic, there is also a touch of contemporary modernity. Something that we could place on the day before yesterday, rather than tomorrow or today itself. This is precisely what makes the entire delivery of “Heavy Eyes” an immersive and present listening experience, sporting a style that is retrò but refreshing at the same time.

While the rhythmic lines make you want to move and sway, Georgia’s rich voice and the hint of her lyrics seal the track’s bitter-sweet (un)-romantic topic. Clearly, she’s one made for the stage.

The release of “Heavy Eyes” is accompanied by a music video. Be sure to catch it on the Georgia & The Vintage Youth YouTube channel.

“I wrote “Heavy Eyes” about an unhealthy infatuation I once had with an older man,” says Georgia sharing the song’s backdrop. Then she continues: “I was young and naive, he was ten years older, and I was obsessed with this unreadable and intense look he would always have in his eye and that’s what sparked the song. It’s about submissiveness, delusion, being in love with the idea of ​​love, wearing those rose-tinted glasses when in reality you’re involved in something that is very toxic and fueled by alcohol and impulsive decisions.”

The deeply personal nature of the song is presented in the natural honesty of the lyrics, looking at a past relationship story to become aware of those filters that we self-impose to sweeten reality.

“Heavy Eyes” is an exceptional piece from Georgia & The Vintage Youth, and with this release, they get the right mood for their vision. Edgy and full of life, they’re certainly worth keeping an eye, as we suspect the best is yet to come. 

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