From D.I.Y. artist and music producer Geo Moon comes the Rap/Rock Nu Metal single ‘We Vibe’.

Of Greek origin but defining himself of nomad citizenship, Geo Moon has just released a brand-new single that takes a Nu Metal root and contaminates it with elements of Electronic Rock, Rap, and Industrial.

Well placed in the creative vision characteristic of Geo Moon, ‘We Vibe’ is a story that he identifies as autobiographical, in which our protagonist struggles with his unrequited love for a beloved unable to see the great vibration that exists between the two of them, hence the title.

‘We Vibe’ is a bitterly romantic song rendered in a modern key, which refers us to a Romeo of our times, one who is consumed by his own ardor, committed as he is to be noticed in every possible way by his beloved one.

Vibrant and vehement, he is brought to the foreground by fervent rocking guitars, while in the background we can savor a subtle piano, that at times harmoniously reconciles the musical argumentation, and then suggests dystonia, latent in that love that will never be returned.

Here, blinded by a desire for luxury, comes the figure of a woman who not only doesn’t love him, she doesn’t even see him. She practically is an unattainable Chimera who will end up having a relationship with another man, one who’s rich and married, making our protagonist the third wheel of this relationship.

In the end, leaving behind only memories to forget, our protagonist will find a new path, crowning that pure and longed for love in the embrace of another woman.

The narrative Geo Moon structures comes to life and grows through different levels of introspection. From the man’s thoughts, to the openness of an inner dialogue with his spiritual guide, the lyrics flow into a sort of imaginary monologue from the man to the woman, bringing out all those things he never said, but he always wanted to.

Listen now to ‘We Vibe’, the brand-new single from Geo Moon, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. You can find your preferred one via

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Geo Moon // We Vibe - single cover
Geo Moon // We Vibe - single cover

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