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The latest that the Helsinki-based artist has released with Fragity Records on December 4th, 2020 is another work where ancestral roots of folklore are blended and merged into a characteristic production with a contemporary aesthetic.

We had the pleasure of discovering GEA with her previous work “Despite” – if you missed our article from last summer, you can find it here: GEA // Despite

More recently the cathartic artist has come out with a new work. We are talking about the single titled “Sun Fights the Moon.”

Based in Helsinki, if the land of origin of this creator capable of silhouetting powerful bridges woven of healing and energizing frequencies sends our mind back to the cold and frost – for cliché something more sterile then – what undoubtedly warms the heart, soul and mind is the music of GEA.

Even with “Sun Fights the Moon,” GEA exquisitely marries his stylistic statement. The works penned by the Finnish artist are often otherworldly and story-teller based. Her angelic and airy vocals are intertwined in combinations of cinematic atmospheres, drawing inspiration from EDM, art-pop, electronica, progressive and alternative rock, and even folk.

And it is precisely the folkloric vein that gives the driving and conceptualization to this new single. Furthermore, the song offers fragrances that seem to hover with animistic will, spread by a sort of will-o’-wisp of ancestral origin, as ancient as that natural and invisible force that comes from the mists of time, and from locomotion to the cycles of sun and moon that they chase each other perpetually, until they culminate in the exceptionality of their mutual eclipses.

GEA’s ability to draw her air is almost druidic in her alchemical chemistry, and is sprinkled now with balsamic rivulets, then with handfuls of magical grains.

So GEA shares more about the piece: “The song is related to the part dedicated to energy of a crow in GEA’s upcoming concept album Call for a Snake. Song wants to remind us that nature is stronger than a human being, and if we keep on working against it, it will find ways to defend its ecosystem. It wants to connect us with the divine light within and let that light direct our choices.”

An award-winning artist that toured three continents in the fall of 2019, winner of the Hollywood International Golden Film’s Award in 2017 for “Best Editing” for her first self-produced music video, the music signed by GEA has also been featured on Netflix.

No doubt, an artist of considerable depth, and her music is proof of this. Yet, we like to bet that her boldest move di lei is what we will listen to with her upcoming album, “Call For A Snake.”

It is a stirring and soothing call, an invitation to venture into a spiritual journey of primordial extraction. And we can’t wait to be transported back to this old world, reinterpreted in electro-acoustic reflections of contemporary relevance.

Listen now to "Sun Fights The Moon," the latest Single by GEA, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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