Gary Palmer, a gospel and jazz saxophonist, recently released the new single ‘Chicago By Morning – Remix’, a sunny track distinguished by a production of remarkable quality.

Tinted by retro vibes, Gary Palmer’s new work is an exquisite funk-style blend that feels fresh and engaging and is illuminated by a unique electro-approach. Moved by a compelling groove, the song is able to vividly bring to mind the atmospheres suggested by its title.

The articulation of Gary’s phrasing, so dynamic and catchy, is cleverly placed in an arrangement written with almost surgical precision, in an exquisite balance of elements that enhances all the positive liveliness of ‘Chicago By Morning – Remix’.

It is a radiant musical embrace that focuses in detail on the virtuosity of Palmer’s sax, who demonstrates his skill as never before.

An unmissable, sparkling injection of musical energy.

Listen now to ‘Chicago By Morning – Remix’ and find out more about Gary Palmer’s music by checking out the links below: