“You Got Me” true love and compassion, Gary Burk III .
The song from his forthcoming EP, tentatively titled “Show Em What You Got.”

After the previous single “Friday Night“, which received over 50,000 Spotify streams and exceeded 18,000 YouTube views, Gary Burk III returns to the spotlight with a brand-new track, “You Got Me.”

Written by Mason Douglas and recorded at Meatlocker Recording Studios, this song is a first-class production, with a wide spreading arrangement with a country-rock feeling, along with a bright and clear vocal performance from the talented Gary Burk III.

Gary Burk III // “You Got Me”
Gary Burk III // “You Got Me

In “You Got Me“, Burk’s voice is a true radiant sun, which expresses the meaning of the song with transport and without any filter.Heart to heart, the lyrics further increase the tenderness of the piece. A carefully designed combination of elements which contributes to giving us a truly impeccable narration.

The arrangement is constructed and developed in a masterful way. Of surgical precision from a technical point of view, it presents a dynamic and peculiar sound spectrum. The elements that compose it are expertly dosed according to the development of the phrasing.

A perfect love nest that embraces the whole feeling of the song.

Slow but constant, the song grows and develops into something that becomes an engaging journey, with an important message behind it.

You Got Me” is an extraordinarily positive, fresh and dynamic piece of pop, with which Gary Burk III once again shows his ability to create something truly wonderful.

An unmissable song. It will accompany us throughout 2020, if not beyond.

Listen now to “You Got Me” by Gary Burk III available on Spotify [ here ] and all the other main digital platforms.

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