Initiated to the world of music since childhood thanks to piano lessons, Gabby Wilson is a Swedish singer and songwriter, as well as an entrepreneur and producer, who wrote clean-cut pop anthems for artists around the world

A creative source, luxuriantly fed by currents of ’90s pop, soul and grunge, to which Gabby has been able to give structure and soul, thanks to the talent and skills she gained and amplified through the experience she gained on the field.

So, even though  it’s not Christmas, it feels like it, since ‘Hug it Out’ looks just like an impeccably wrapped gift, packaged in a sparkling livery: it’s as beautiful as it appears, already perfect as it is, yet you know that inside there is something even more exciting, so much you can’t wait to open it.

While with the intro we approach covetously the gift, eager to unwrap it, when Gabby opens the lid of her box of wonders what comes out is a surprising and even more beautiful collection of hooks and highs, which float like soap bubbles and radiate outwards like multicolored rainbows.

Undoubtedly visually driven, Gabby Wilson is an artist capable to reflects the subtleties of her sonic and sensory music, even through imagery.

But, as we said, it’s not Christmas. ‘Hug it Out’ is a bittersweet indie-pop song, aroused after Gabby found herself in a relationship that was hanging by a thread: “Trust started to lack, communication started to get shorter and shorter, with the pressure of taking the relationship to the next level rather than enjoying the here and now. We were missing a sense of fun and playfulness. It felt like the only time my boyfriend and I didn’t fight was when we were sleeping. That was the time when we could hold each other and feel close. It’s impossible to get to that vulnerable place in your everyday life.”

So Gabby’s party will also have a bit of a bitter to taste. Behind infectious dance beats are barely concealed cracks, as she sing: “We fight, staying up all night / We cry, barely getting by / We smile, only for a while / To cover up a lie / ’cause then we hug it out.”

Gabby knows what she’s doing here, and she’s doing it really well, establishing a relationship with the listener that translates into an intimate, direct, face-to-face music delivery, impeccably argued with textbook compositional subtleties and finesse. Like a prized “secrétaire”, you know it hides a precious treasure. You cannot know what it is until you look inside it, and you are dying to find out.

With ‘Hug it Out’, the forerunner for her debut EP, Gabby Wilson wears her heart on her sleeve, wearing her vulnerabilities as strengths. Needless to say: it is a “dress code” that seems to be tailored to her artistic silhouette. And it fits her like a glove.

Listen now to ‘Hug it Out’, the forerunner for Gabby Wilson debut EP, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one via

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