Texas-born singer, songwriter, and pianist Fuller French is an artist who has already made himself known for his romantic lyrics and his debonair demeanor.

With music and lyrics guided by an innate search for love and beauty, Fuller French evokes memories of lost love or reminiscences painted with languid decadence, without however resorting to writing cloying love songs.

Through his artistic vision Fuller French seems to literally take care of telling the way people feel when infatuation or true love are unleashed in their souls.

His latest release, Champagne Rendezvous, recorded at Capitol Records in Los Angeles, reached the 29th place in the Mediabase AC chart. In the wake of this success, Fuller French combined his talent with that of Mksmth, a producer who in the past has worked with stars like G-Eazy and DJ Snake.

Fuller French // Champagne Rendezvous remixed by Mksmth - artwork
Fuller French // Champagne Rendezvous remixed by Mksmth - artwork

From the union of their creativity Saint-Tropez Remix was born, a Champagne Rendezvous remix in an EDM key, which Mksmth himself describes as “… something beyond the spectrum of Jazz and Dance music. It’s something that hasn’t happened ever before”.

Visionary and innovative, with this remix Mksmth has developed a truly interesting drift of the original song, with a fresh and contemporary sound in which vaguely retro nuances combine to enrich a captivating and characteristic composition.

But in the case of Champagne Rendezvous Saint-Tropez Remix we go far beyond a simple stylistic exercise of blending Jazz and Dance music. This remix is literally a stroke of genius that does not change the atmosphere and the musical delivery of the original song, but rather, albeit by destructuring and reassembling it, in a certain way enhances them even more.

This is how, moving alongside Fuller French‘s satisfying vocal performance that leads a catchy and amiable song, the arrangement offers a width of breath, a richness and a freshness of sound that are exquisitely pleasant.

Without a shadow of a doubt Champagne Rendezvous Saint-Tropez Remix is one of the most beautiful remixes we discovered in 2019.

Listen now to Champagne Rendezvous Saint-Tropez Remix, Mksmth‘s remix of French Fuller‘s song, available on Spotify [ here ].

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