FRNDS AS CMPNY - White Flag - artwork

Guided by pulsating and airy synths, ‘White Flag’ is a compelling work of exquisitely atmospheric skywriting that catapults us into the creative stratosphere that sets FRNDS AS CMPNY apart.

With ‘White Flag’ and its tasty, electronic-rich atmosphere, FRNDS AS CMPNY gives us a formidable, ever- growing expressive act that results in an explosive choral supernova.

Along its expressive dynamics there is a sense of tension and release, a surrender that comes and goes. As FRNDS AS CMPNY explains, “It was my chance to look at the breakdown of a relationship, when you have fought for something for so long, and you have twisted your heart and mind so much to find resolve in what you love. Even in these moments, there is an unseen strength: it is hard to sacrifice. The line between love and hate we have for each other is a fine one, but your truth is always the last thing standing. “

This is how in ‘White Flag’ we find represented all the inner strength one needs to break up and leave behind a love story that can no longer work.

This ambitious work satisfies and amazes for how its atmosphere and freshness combine with a valuable density and intelligibility. With this debut single FRNDS AS CMPNY proves to know what he is doing. He’s doing it well, and he just needs to continue to fuel that relentless upward thrust that we found in the ‘White Flag’.

Listen now to ‘White Flag’, the debut single from FRNDS AS CMPNY, available on streaming on all the major digital stores:

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