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Uplifting – From a piano solo piece became popular on TikTok, to a lively orchestral version, blessed by the touch of the Budapest Scoring Orchestra musicians.

Frederic Bernard is a classically trained composer, pianist, and orchestrator, which boasts various critically acclaimed works.

Thanks to his vast experience, over the years, this German-based artist recorded with different orchestras in many cities relevant to the music scene, such as Los Angeles, Budapest, and Moscow.

Latest first fruit sprout from his creativity, the succinct yet meaningful orchestral composition titled Underwater Wonderscapes (aka Swarm of Fish), is a lively work in which Bernard shows all the talent he reached and developed during the years.

“Creating the score was a quite complex process, as the material was originally based on a piano solo piece,” said Frederic sharing the backdrop of Underwater Wonderscapes. Then he continues: “As it was extremely popular on TikTok I took the chance, and decided to transport it towards a live-orchestral setting. At the end there’s simply nothing better than a group of fitfy highly-skilled real life performers, bringing your vision to life!”

We can only agree with him. While the original version plays well around the piano solo idea, the orchestral perspective adds a peculiar shine, expanding the breath of the melodies and the harmonies conceived by Bernard.

What we get is a piece that has a full and complete sound, driven effortlessly by an organic flow, furtherly uplifted by the performance of the Budapest Scoring Orchestra musicians.

A piece of work that starts from the introspection, developing itself in an explorative trip, blooming toward an external dimension that become a whole with the surrounding space. What a spark!

Listen now to Underwater Wonderscapes, the latest Single by Frederic Bernard, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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