Filipino American singer, songwriter, guitarist and acoustic musician Frances Ancheta is based in San Francisco. A creative arts therapist and cancer survivor, Frances has experienced how music can heal the soul and help people understand the world and connect with others.

Her colorful musical style is a rich and eclectic indie acoustic blend that contains folk, electric, pop and rock.

After her previous albums ‘Now We’re Here’ (2008) and ‘Patterns’ (2011), Frances recently came out with her third work. ‘Hidden Gems’ is an 8-track album produced by Chris von Sneidern, with Gavin Jones on bass, and Matt Sather and Bill Moya on drums, recorded at the legendary Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco.

The result of an 8 and a half year break, ‘Hidden Gems’ shows the most poetic and mature version of Frances’ creative touch, exploring themes of hidden lessons and inspirations coming from experiences and people met during one’s life journey.

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