A rock fusion – The new work from Fracture Line integrates and enhances the flavors of a progressive, funky, and heavy rock sound.

The powerful trio comprised of Julian Myers (vocals, guitars), Jorge Olivares (guitars, production), and Brandon Watt (bass) continues to expand and further develop their style.

Taken from their upcoming EP “Cyclical,” we had the pleasure of previewing the lead single “You Get Me By”.

The song came from their earliest influences, inspired by the likes of Rush, Steven Wilson, Big Wreck, and RHCP, just to name a few, and is the fruitful result of years they have spent trying to find the balance between rock n roll and modern metal.

In the midst of vintage pleats, the tow given by their heavy sound leads to more modern crests, with various flashes that will remain etched in your head.

The perfect tempo, the gripping riff, the engaging groove, and the intriguing lyrics denote the musicianship and signature sound that this independent band has been developing more and more over time.

“Cyclical,” the brand new EP by Montreal-based band Fracture Lines, will be out on November 7th, 2020, available in streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find and pre-save “Cyclical” on your favorite one via: distrokid hyperfollow

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Fracture Lines // Cyclical, EP cover
Fracture Lines // Cyclical, EP cover