As a follow up in crescendo to their previous ‘Trust No One’, Foxhaunt releases the brand-new single ‘Open Water’, bringing us a further representation of who they are as band.

“‘Open Water’ is a reference to realizing you’ve made a mistake and what you do as an individual to make up for that” says vocalist Ollie about the release. “Specifically in relationships, the need for getting a person you love back in your life can act as a whistle stuck in your head as mentioned in the chorus.”

Permeating and penetrating, with a powerful and overwhelming sound, with ‘Open Water’ Foxhaunt open up and unleash the full power of their musical delivery.

Here combining alternative rock vibes with chords and melodies that bring out the song’s emotion, they let flow and rise all their vibrant and vehement sonic waves, giving propulsating vitality to an incredibly honest and banging new release.

Listen now to Foxhaunt releases the brand-new single ‘Open Water’, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

Foxhaunt // Open Water - single cover
Foxhaunt // Open Water - single cover