Fran Dominguez is a California-based electronic composer know by the stage name of Forest Robots, as well as a seasoned mountaineer with over 400 ascents and 6,000 miles of x-country river crossing, rock climbing, snow trudging, rock scrambling and bush whacking.

It is from these numerous experiences that he culls so many of his ideas and themes for his compositions, that range through ambient, classical, drone, synthwave, and IDM music. Creative sources that Dominguez feeds taking inspiration from his daughter, who is the main muse that drives him to compose a love letter about nature and the legacy he wishes to leave behind for her.

His latest album, ‘After Geography’, is an instrumental reflexive excursus leitmotiv, that talks about life-changing situations. Here it is easy to imagine yourself immersed in contemplative mountains crossings, when unexpected variables arise and, regardless of your preparation, you only have your intuition to guide you.

Forest Robots - Fran Dominguez
Forest Robots // After Geography - album cover

Through the 10 mesmeric tracks of ‘After Geography’, Forest Robots creates a sort of “vital magnetism” that develops throughout the album like a hypnotic leitmotiv, around which streams of metallic percussive sounds unfold. Exquisitely sophisticated in its argumentation, but at the same time affably relatable in delivery, the musical aesthetic focuses on sounds that are organic in their roots and rounded in their outlines.

Forming real sound scenographies, ‘After Geography’ is a deeply immersive experience that balances hypnotism and transcendentalism while bending space and time, generating rhythmically deconstructed ripples. An influx that, through its musicality, redefines a certain lexicon, first disorienting you, then projecting you into ancestral immersive perspectives, that is contemplative, almost tantric, evocative like few others.

After having fascinated us with the pristine music of his previous album ‘Times When I Know You’ll Watch The Sky’ – we talked about it in a previous article here – with ‘After Geography’ Forest Robots seems to be able to bring his creativity to an even higher level than it already was.

By molding a translation into sounds of that sense of uncontaminated beauty, depth, and spatiality that are properly related to nature, Dominguez gives us a unique listening experience. Like an alcove, a safe place to find nourishment and inspiration for a new balance between our lives and the outdoors. Certainly something to keep with us, to return to several times already starting with tomorrow, looking for a key to understand the new world we are going to face.

Listen now to ‘After Geography’, the fourth full-length album by Forset Robots, available for streaming and download on Bandcamp, and soon on all the major digital platforms.

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