From Leeds-based collective Fold comes the neo-soul inspiring tune ‘The Prize’.

‘The Prize’ is the second single taken from ‘Aphelion’, a new album expected by the end of the year, signed by Leeds-based collective Fold.

Following the same overarching theme that distinguishes their new album, ‘The Prize’ wants to encourage everyone to exercise as much empathy and critical thinking as possible.

“We’d like to instill a little more hope and determination in listeners to get through these tough times together and build a better future” explains Fold, speaking of ‘The Prize’. The line ‘keep your eyes on the prize,’ penned together with Lorraine Hansberry, “echoes a phrase used during the Civil Rights Movement period that was etched into my own psyche growing up. Affirmations can be powerful at times.”

Embellished with jazzy and funky stylistic touches, with ‘The Prize’ Fold gives us an enveloping piece of neo-soul, with a suffused sonic aesthetic. An exploratory act of contemporary connotation, with which this creative collective provides not only an interesting intertwining of music, narration and poetry, but also a good pretext for thinking, to develop different representations, or at least perspectives, on today’s world.

Listen now to ‘The Prize’ by Fold and find out more about their music, checking the links below:

Fold // The Prize - single cover
Fold // The Prize - single cover