From North London, the Turkish-Cypriot firefighter Flamma – short for “flammable” – is an emerging artist who through distinctive rhythms, flow, rhymes and phonetics brings us the uniqueness of his urban grimerap.

In his late teens Flamma was stabbed by a gang of young people, in a case of mistaken identity during postcode wars between Edmonton and Tottenham. This experience changed him and his perception of life.

Now focused on fueling his artistic evolution, Flamma recounts his life experience through his debut EP ‘Rise’, introduced by the track ‘Licked Off My Face’.

With ‘Licked Off My Face’ he gives us a number that represents a concentrate of his creative style, guided by an eclectic and explosive approach, which leaves us pleasantly surprised. Dragged by a fast and ardent flow rap, through a clever word-play, in his lyrics Flamma hides little gems.

Lying on a compelling urban rhythmic beat, ‘Licked Off My Face’ is a captivating number whose syncopated and bouncing shapes underline and enhance the contemporary and distinctive sound of this promising artist.

Listen now to ‘Licked Off My Face’ by Flamma and follow him to find out more about his music, checking the links below:

Flamma // Rise - EP artwork

Speaking of ‘Licked Off My Face’ Flamma explains:

“If you have ended up drunk and have a story to tell after a night out with friends then this is the track for you! This track is about having going out and having fun. It was inspired by a period of time where my friends and I would meet up and have pre-drinks before going out to a rave / bar / club festival etc. We would mix different spirits into a bottle with juice (‘Call it Kryptonite if you wish’) which we would take with us and drink en route to the party! (We all do it!) Whether this was in the cab or the train.”