With a track that signals his resurrection and rebirth, the London rap artist Flamma returns to the British hip-hop scene with a new number full of his unique style.

After inflaming us with his previous single ‘Licked Off My Face’, which we talked about in the previous article you can find here: Flamma // Licked Off My Face, the “fire-fighter by day and fire writer by night” definitively closes his hiatus from music that kept him away from the scene for a decade.

With a captivating and penetrating visual, Flamma’s new urban hip-hop release is a compelling load, full of his straight spitted bars that, without uselessly complicated convolutions, arrive snappy yet melodic, giving the right pace and cadence to his distinctive flow.

Thanks to a freestyle that flows effortlessly on his words-play, with his ‘Alive’ Flamma brings us a gripping number, made even more captivating by the cinematic video, exquisitely set into the ghostly immersive atmosphere of that stylistic fusion of urban and grime veins in which visual and sound build a magnetic and attractive involvement.

Things get hot at the first drop of Flamma’s rhymes: as if to be faithful to his name, he sets off a deflagrating spark, capable of setting fire to the whole house. And the rest is “just” an uncompromising stream that pulls us forward in a rush of verses that slips away organically to the end.

Among the artists of the hip-hop scene that we recently discovered, Flamma is one that continues to remain in the list of the most interesting and compelling newcomers.

Flamma // Alive
Flamma // Alive

Watch now the official video of Flamma’s “Alive”, and find out more this promising artist, checking the links below: