Ethan Perdue is a singer, songwriter, sound engineer, music producer as well as graphic and web designer, who is bringing his artistic talent into the world of music under the stage name of Feezy E.

With an ear for music and an eye for shooting and over 10 years of experience, Feezy E. works to bring all his creativity onto the scene.

Punchline rapper, with his lyrics Feezy E. digs grunge roots into rhythms more typically belonging to hip-hop, as in the single released last September titled “Sit Down“, a number where the flow of his performance is direct and impactful.

Perfectly fitted on the engaging beat that the song offers, with “Sit Down” Feezy E. sets up a coherent musical delivery through which he shows his distinctive and visionary creative perspective.

Direct and personal, with straight lyrics that match catchy riffs and phrases, “Sit Down” is a piece that emerges from a dull and colorless background buzz.

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Listen now to “Sit Down“, the single from Feezy E. which is available on Youtube here ]