Young Jefe Leo is a 21-year-old artist from Gilroy, California. A year after leaving California to pursue his career in Portland his stepfather was murdered, which left him despaired, angered and vengeful, feelings that inevitably found an outlet in his music.

From the recent histrionic track ‘POW POW’ to the vibrant number ‘Knee Deep’, Young Jefe Leo is known for the energy and temperament that he puts into his music, advancing his brand despite the toxic influence of a variety of drugs and a problematic emotional status.

After a long pause, this promising artist seems to be ready to finally return to the scene, bringing the punch, the message and the caliber of his musical delivery to the masses. He focused on how to become sober, overcoming the depression born from the murder of his stepfather, and was busy getting sponsored by FNX_FIT and increasing his audience on Instagram.

Today Young Jefe Leo seems ready to return in style, with a lot of new music that he promises to release soon. That’s why we caught up with him for a short interview. Keep on reading to find out more.

Young Jefe Leo
Young Jefe Leo

Why have you been so quiet with music lately?

I have just been focusing on myself and dealing with sobriety. It’s been a journey, but I feel like I’ve finally beat depression and am working on bigger and better things along with my sponsor, FNX_FIT.

How do you make your tracks personal and organic?

I make them personal and organic by just soaking in a lot of knowledge from life and putting it down on a piece of paper to take to the studio.

Does the music come first, or do you focus on the lyrics the most?

The music always comes first no matter what. I find it hard to write lyrics if there is no chosen melody I have my mind set on. The flow and lyrics come quickly with a beat playing in the background. It’s therapeutic, in a way, but stressful sometimes, when I kind of find a beat that pulls me in.

Is there any upcoming release or tour headed your way? Maybe an EP, or a mix-tape?

Well, I didn’t want to say too much, but yeah, there is. Due to my sobriety and big changes I’ve been making in life, I have a 6-track mixtape that will be called “Sober Tapes Vol. 1”. Hell, I might even throw in a 7th track, depending on how all goes. You feel me ?

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