In this day and age we sometimes end up overlooking the deepest meaning of lyrics. Hip hop artist Will Love is dedicated to fight this stigma, and makes this mission a distinctive feature of his creative vision and a key element around which he wants to continue developing his artistic career. As Will Love himself tells us: “I pull a lot of pain from the past and a lot of truth from the reality I see from my peers around me, they help me put lines together.”

Raised in New Orleans and now a Charleston resident, Will Love discovered his love of music through lyrical emcees like Andre 3000 and 50 Cent, who still are inspirations side by side with artists such as Cash Money, Drake, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Lloyd Banks.

A rigorous education led him to transform his pain into a passion when he started writing lyrics and melodies at a young age. In 2014 he established himself in the hip hop scene of South Carolina, when he dropped his mixtape “The Substance Prefix” that, as Love tells us “has amassed thousands of downloads and garnered me a lot of attention in my hometown.”

Today Will Love is focused on continuing to show his versatility, creating summer anthems like “My Side” and jumping into more introspective trains of thought with records like “Electrolyte Water“, works that aim to create a definitive atmosphere, with truth and substance that exude from each bar. Through the months of painstaking work behind his songs, Will Love sets up his creative medium to bring a new breath of lyrical content and matter to the hip hop scene of Charleston, SC. Undoubtedly, this is something that, together with the passion and love he has for music, form the most distinctive element of his artistic personality.

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