Todd Barrow is a Texan country artist who is making a name for himself in today’s music industry, heating the airwaves with the genuineness of his music.

Barrow is no stranger to success. He is the winner of the Akademia Award 2017 for Best Country Album, of the 2016 PRSA Award of Excellence, and of a spotlight for artists on Alternative Roots Magazine, American Pride Magazine, and AVA Radio. He has appeared on television shows including Good Morning Texas with Jerry Matheny and Texas Music Café on PBS.

He has performed in Bo’s Extrvaganza festival at John Schneider’s Studio together with other artists including Kid Rock, Kix Brooks, Paul Overstreet, Lu Lu Roman, Cody McCarver, John Schneider and Tom Wopat. He also appeared on stage with ountry music star Jack Ingram.

Todd’s music is not a country for old people. For him, country is made by “the stories, the people, and sincerity that comes from the heart”, and so his music is a shining example of how to put all your passion and talent into an Americana colored by modern, blues veins and grow song after song.

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