L.A.’s hot rapper Jalen McMillan has released the new music video for “Azz Back”. Previewed on Youtube on 16 November, the video shows him performing in a private airport, at a party with models, and on jet skis.

Directed by Dream Above 561 and co-directed by CrisMaejorBeats and Jalen McMillan, this video has already surpassed 100,000 views. On the other hand, it would have been difficult to imagine a different result, since McMillan is no stranger to viral success, even attracting the attention of millions of people.

McMillan closes a very successful 2019that saw him launch two clothing lines, publish his EP “Triple Threat“, establish his record label Timeless Music, spread viral music videos on his YouTube channel, while some of his tracks on his Soundcloud profile individually exceeded 10 million plays.

Jalen McMillan continues to take important steps forward in the industry, increasingly expanding his influence thanks to his ability to connect with fans all over the world.