Cannady Law Beats is a professional music producer based in Washington D.C. (USA). For the past 7 years and counting he has committed himself to producing beats for other artists, dedicating his time to serving their artistic vision and songs to create the best possible listening experience for the audience.

Cannady Law Beats spans many genres and styles, from hip-hop to rap, to trap and soul trap. He mixes rhythms, drums and percussions, true root of hip-hop music, aiming to lend his helping had to artists of all levels in need of creating the right mix and production to build their art upon. His final aim is always for the listener to have a genuine, engaging listening experiences.

To find out how Cannady Law Beats masters the world of percussive sounds, listen to his latest mix track “Showtime“, available on SpotifySoundcloud, Apple Music, and visit his website [ here ].