Young and talented rapper MnMBoyz Ju$$ Money from the Ravenswood housing project in Queens is the kind of dedicated and hungry artist who’s always working on his music and each day spends hours in the recording studio. His aim is to reach the highest peak of success, and now he’s ready to take his next step on his very own road to fame: on February 21, 2020 the witty artist will be back with more of his catchy music, explosive wordplay and raw musical talent, packed up in his new release, “Waiting on Me the EP“.

Ju$ Money in the past had success writing rap that hooked the listeners thanks to his knack with words and his ability to switch from one musical style to the next in the blink of an eye, that enabled him to always adapt to his audience and their taste.

While waiting for February 21, when we’ll know for sure what this young rapper was able to create within “Waiting on Me the EP”, you can find more about MnMBoyz Ju$$ Money and his music at the following links: