Eclectic and visionary, Mind over Matter (MoM) define themselves as “a musical concept”, “energy vibrating by frequency, in order for man to understand the truth.” Their biography reads “biography only exists in linear time. We are free of time. We manifest through light from the library of Akashic knowledge.”

This alone would be enough to give you an idea of how wide-spanning their music is and how futile it’d be to try and box it into genres and styles. Their music contains alternative rock influences and cinematic nu-metal drifts, but it’s much more than that.

A good example is “Human“, the title track from their latest album, with its video reminding us of the brevity of human life when compared to that of the universe.

In talking about MoM and “Human“, we want to focus on the fact the album took 3 years of work and collaborations with producers and talented musicians from Denmark and England.

Above all, we want to focus on how this unusual release is the perfect medium through which MoM convey spiritual and socially critical lyrics, melodic songs, and a universal global vision that aims to spread a message of collective consciousness pushing to face old rules and systems to start an intergenerational intellectual revolution.

Did anyone say sonic revolution?

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