Letizia Carrero is a DJ and producer well-known on the London scene, a beautiful and talented artist guided by a prolific creativity enriched by a personality full of charm. Thanks to a remarkable charge of electricity, she manages to set up a musical adventure of impeccable taste in every DJ set.

She performs in some of the most renowned clubs around the globe, alongside important names on the scene, and has also come to create her own label, which she guides with a eye keen on the discovery of new talents.

After launching her label Polyester Records and releasing her dancefloor number ‘Unconditional’, Letizia is preparing to publish her 3-track EP ‘IMPRESIONANTE’, and she’s going to perform on an upcoming tour in the USA, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

To find out more about this volcanic and proactive artist, we caught up with her for an interview via chat. We will publish it right here asap, so stay tuned to find out more!

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