Twin Lakes is a three-piece band out of Rochester, Minnesota, formed by Robert Baune on guitar and lead vocals, Nate Pettey on bass and backing vocals, and Alex Ortberg on percussion and production.

They recently released their “In The Valley“, first of the 10-track self-titled album, which is a folk rock number.

About the album, Twin Lakes say: “The album explores themes of loneliness and solitude, capturing both the pain and the glory of being alone after experiencing heartbreak.”

Twin Lakes denotes themselves for being a very special band, with a peculiar sound and a unique vision of their creativity.

Twin Lakes // "In The Valley" - artwork
Twin Lakes // “In The Valley” – artwork

Clean and vibing, “In The Valley” sounds like a manifesto of Twin Lakes’ sound, delivering to us a catchy melody, lush harmonies, along with an engaging groove, built up on rhythmic guitars and soft drums.

More than this, “In The Valley” is a song with deep meanings, hidden under a carefree, almost light-hearted sound. This song handle with intimate feelings, like emotional ties, fear of loneliness and doubts for an un uncertain future.

In The Valley” is a song in which there is much to discover. Something to listen to, over and over again, to fully grasp the sincere and profound message it carries with it.

A message that is genuine and deep. As Twin Lakes are.

To discover the music of Twin Lakes, listen now to “In The Valley” and watch the music video available on YouTube [ here ].

To know more about Twin Lakes, check their official website [ here ], and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook [ here ] and Instagram [ here ].