With a smooth voice, familiar pop tunes, and a sparkling personality, Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Esthy is building her way to success, having already gained great attention worldwide through her passionate social media fan-base.

Born in Hungary, Esthy started writing songs at the age of twelve and her first studio EP came out when she was only fourteen. Since the beginning, her vocation has been to make music that resonates emotionally with her audience, and after being part of numerous projects and bands, she has found her true style as a solo artist.

At the age of twenty-two, Esthy decided to take a leap of faith and take her talent on the road across Europe and the UK, up to Los Angeles.

Since then, Esthy has continued to nurture her potential, working hard to produce new songs, constantly projected towards a growing and shining future.

Esthy‘s is a journey that has already brought her far, but she has no intention of stopping. In fact, in spring 2020 Esthy will publish her first EP, and we’ll talk about it on this blog with no fail, as soon as we’ll have some preview info.

In the mean time, get to know Esthy and all her music more closely and go to: