Detor is a British rapper who started making music 6 years ago. The beginning of his solo career dates back to 4 years ago, when he released his first music video. Since then, Detor has increasingly moved closer to music, developing his own personal artistic vision.

Displaying a future-forward attitude, he is already planning to release a brief single, and we’re all waiting for some advanced information about it. In addition to this, Detor is also developing his recording plan, which in the coming months will see him busy writing and realizing his new music, and releasing more singles.

Driven by a fertile creative vein, Detor is determined to make himself heard. In the last two years he has devoted himself unreservedly to songwriting, creating a quantity of material that he himself calls “crazy”.

After leaving the UK 5 years ago to travel to Australia and make music there, Detor returned home. This is certainly an important moment for the artist. Somehow, he is finding himself and his creative artistic vein once again.

While waiting to be able to listen to all the new music that Detor will create, we’d like to point out two small gems, perfect for savoring the magical flow of this rapper who still has much to say.

Better Days” is Detor‘s single released in 2016, available on Spotify [ here ] and on all major digital platforms.

One of the first releases by Detor: a music video of the cover of “Waiting Too Long” by Hippie Sabotage.