D’Antré is an inspired musician from Washington D.C. who sports a style that blurs the lines dividing various genres, with pop, hip hop and R&B roots and expanding to alternative. “I call it Pop Trap. It’s a mix of pop, fusion, soul and hip-hop.” So the artist introduces us to his creative vision.

Raised as an ambitious individual with a go-getter attitude, D’Antré is the kind of person who does not stop at anything to achieve his goal. Immersed in music and always involved withit, he grew up listening to Notorious B.I.G, The Fugees and Michael Jackson among others, and is very passionate about whatever he sets his mind to. As D’Antré himself says “the sky is the limit!”

Among his latest releases, the ones that stand out are his mixtape ‘Escape the Ordinary’, an example of the alternative drift of his sound and aesthetic vision, and his first single ‘Fly Wit Me’, a hit song with which he gained 250.00 streaming on digital platforms in just the first 10 days after its release.

Constantly projected forward, with a simple and determined mentality, today D’Antré continues to carry on his tireless pursuit of the objectives he set for himself, maintaining a high degree of positivity around him. The next project he plans to publish is the ‘Crazy Love’ mixtape, a collection of R&B pop songs with which D’Antré will bring his voice into an acoustic environment in the name of good music.