Originally from Colorado, Cymber Lily Quinn is a visionary and award-winning harpist and composer. Specializing in background music for harp and house concerts, with her performances Lily creates true engaging listening experiences that aim to nurture relationships.

As a Reiki master, Cymber Lily Quinn projects her musical art into the meditative sphere. In her harp performances, Lily infuses energies of relaxation that encourage conversation and connection. She manages to create harmonic structures with balanced and wide-ranging, almost dreamlike, articulations, which harken back to the most ancestral elements of space and time.

In the frenetic era of liquid music, by using her delicate harp and ability to deeply touch her listeners Cymber Lily Quinn draws attention back to how much music is a universal language that can help focus or promote relaxation even without the support of words and actual language.

Cymber Lily Quinn also offers harp lessons in Denver. To know more about her harp meditation music, visit her website [ here ] and her profile on Soundcloud [ here ].

Cymber Lily Quinn
Cymber Lily Quinn
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