An up-and-coming artist from the south Florida area, Carson Baker is a rapper who represents a group called Camp Camo, that consists of other south FL artists.

Inspired by artists such as MGK, Caskey and Mac Miller, just to name a few, Baker matches his quick flows with fierce lyrics, aiming to achieve greatness for him and for the rest of the Camp Camo artists.

Best known for his single ‘High Stepper’ and for other collaborations with Tetelestai, Rsin, and other Camp Camo artists, Baker is only at the beginning of his artistic journey, but he’s already on the way to make a name for himself, as he says, to steer away from the common “depression” rap.

Carson Baker is a high-energy artist with a love and passion for his own craft and style; one that is hitting, direct and bouncing, full of hooks and punchy bars. In his tracks, tight phrasing and pressing rhythms light up in the wake of a distinctive and characteristic multidimensional personal flow.

His acerbic and raw taste reflects the genuineness of his creative style, like a mirror of his creativity; Carson Baker is continuing to release new music on his profiles, inspired and determined to develop his unique and distinctive vision towards ever higher peaks.

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