Sometimes, an artist takes genres, styles or ideas that seem impossible to match, and is nonetheless able to combine them in new, pleasant ways. Bombay Masked e-Fiddler (BMeF) is that kind of artist. In his “water music” this classically trained violinist, music producer, and, recently, live performer combines a wide ranges of genres and styles, including ambient, downtempo, trip-hop, fusion, Indian music, and industrial.

Based in Mumbai, India, and having a Bachelor degree in Music from the Elder Conservatory of Adelaide, Australia, BMeF teaches, collaborates with other musicians, and produces music for advertising, companies, and movies. But what he’s most focused on as of late has been performing live. He plays his music locally as a one-man band where he uses synth, voice, vocoder, and his trusted electric violin to create engaging shows. He’s had to face some reluctance from some venue owners, but his audience always ends up enthralled by his performances.

On his YouTube channel [ here ] you can find some of his compositions: you’ll get a glimpse of his varied output and the way he manages to always insert something very intriguing and unique into his sound.

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