Always a big fan of music, Big Zeus is a hip hop artist from a bad neighborhood in southern Los Angeles. A self-taught recording engineer, Big Zeus mixes and masters all his music, inspired by his neighborhood and by artists such as Nipsey Hussle, Rick Ross, Gangstarr, Big Pun, Curren$y and Big L.

Big Zeus worked for 5 years in the music industry, and after 2 years of engineering, feeling at ease in the studio environment, he began to express his creativity, writing and performing his songs.

Today Big Zeus is focused on creating a platform for emerging entrepreneurs in the music sector and improving its community. This important goal in Zeus’ radar led him to create the independent label Vicious Cycle. Under the motto of “Break The Cycle” and thanks to the guidance of Big Zeus, Vicious Cycle aims to break generational curses, financial instability and emotional trauma.

What Big Zeus is putting in place is a real motivational activity aimed at young people, which passes through his music, the involvement of the community, and his clothing line. He also did an internship for Nipsey Hussle, in his co-working space Vector 90, until unfortunately Hussle lost his life.

Working with the motto “never let your current situation determine your future outcome” always front and center, Big Zeus creates music and clothes as an instinctive artistic expression of his imagination, based on how he feels about the moment.

Equipped with affable storytelling, through his diversified sound, his flow rap, and a touch of R&B style, Big Zeus is able to range freely from Bars and boom bap to the new melodic sound of hip hop.

Starting with a feeling, Zeus transforms daydreams into vivid lyrics, immersed in scenarios inspired by his wishes or by what he has already experienced in his life.

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