From the underground wave of tekno, the French artist Farfacid projects his psychedelic glow towards new transcendences dripping acidcore in his ‘La danse du farfadet’.

Hypnotically pounding and full of glooming atmospheres, Farfacid’s latest work is the track ‘La danse du farfadet’, a number born from the hard music of our times, pushed with nefarious adrenaline by a sense of tribalism that brings the artist from Lyon to intertwine with the style of the tekno and acidcore subgenres.

Here the kick drum, low, repetitive and pulsating, advances inexorably, between dim mists and melodic breaks, giving radical cusp to the contraposition of elements that hearken back to hardcore and psytrance. With over 10 minutes of catatonic listening, ‘La danse du farfadet’ is a sonic whirlpool that sucks the listener into a wicked whirlwind that destructures the perception of here and now.

Frequency oscillators on Pindaric synths move, open and compress in different cycles the auditory amplitude in which Farfacid encloses the listener, making us prisoners of an invasive and pervasive sound of great impact, that obsessively, blow by blow, aims to insinuate itself infectiously into our being.

Farfacid // La danse du farfadet

‘La danse du farfadet’ is available on Farfacid’s Youtube channel. To find out more about Farfacid and his music, do not miss to check the links below: