In his life, False Profit has always had dreams but, as he tells us, he has never been able to make these dreams come true. Partly caged by his family’s will, False Profit met their expectations and desires rather than his own. This led him to join the army. A step that False Profit has taken and carried forward with pride which, however, has not prevented him from seeking new ways to find new passions and a new self.

In this sense, False Profit seems to have found a path for his life through music: something he now says is part of his existence, providing a communicative expedient aimed not only at improving himself, but also at remaining open to the whole world.

Today this novice hip-hop rapper from Nashville, TN, is looking for a way to introduce his music. His latest release is the single ‘Hurt You’. Third track released by False Profit on Soundcloud over the past two months or so, the song features the participation of DawnAfterDusk. The jam that False Profit and DawnAfterDusk set up has fallen into a melancholic atmosphere, marked by a minimal and subdued aesthetic, which oscillates between a round flow rap and distant calls and answers.

Listen now to ‘Hurt You’, the latest single from False Profit, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

FalseProfit // Hurt You - single cover