From the experimental progressive metal project Falling With The Rain, the latest act of the Greek artist Konrad Kavallieratos resounds powerful and vibrant in all its phantasmagoric flights that take the form of a compelling  9-track album.

Written in a period of important transition for the artist, ‘Chasing Daylight’ brings us the most complex, articulated and mature version of Kavallieratos’ sound. Powerful and aggressive, through 9 tracks of exquisite workmanship the Greek artist puts in front of us a collection of emotional states, each capable of instilling a penetrating emotional stimulation.

The theme that binds the development of the album concerns the impulse to get the most out of every day, and all the positive and negative consequences that derive from it. It is an instinctive and visceral imprinting that is reflected in a very organic way along the development of the approximately 30 minutes of intense and vehement listening that is ‘Chasing Daylight’.

Here the experimental cut that the artist wanted to give to his release is evident. We are not faced with the usual exercise in style that shows the usual collection of reels of distorted guitars on heavy kicks. Kavallieratos draws intelligently from his cultural background, therefore there is no shortage of hints and quotes from the sounds of his homeland, interspersed with musical interludes.

All this leads to a flow and an expressive variety in which styles that seem poles apart can meet and thanks to Falling With The Rain’s creative touch become a deep and perennial expression of his heritage and creative flair.

Overall, this album sounds rich, powerful and diverse, while at the same time effectively maintaining the listener’s attention on the emotional whirlwind that is at the center of its theme. We can read this whole work as a valuable artistic evolution that makes us appreciate Falling With The Rain in all his musical maturity, carried out in 9 instrumental tracks that have kept us glued from the first note.

The release is also noteworthy under the point of view of the instrumental parables, thanks to guest musicians such as Labadie Anne on hang drum and Jerome Burns on trumpet, whose contributions help provide a touch of freestyle that brings the songs to another level.

Listen now to ‘ Chasing Daylight’, Falling With The Rain’s latest album, available for streaming and download on Bandcamp.

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Falling With The Rain - Chasing Daylight - album cover
Falling With The Rain - Chasing Daylight - album cover