Represented solely by a spaceman avatar, FALL or FLIGHT choose to remain visually anonymous, offering a sonic exploration that keeps music and sound front and center.

After the gripping number ‘aUTHENTIC’, single and video that we covered in a previous track – if you missed it, you can find it here: FALL or FLIGHT // aUTHENTIC – FALL or FLIGHT is back under the spotlight with a brand-new enthralling work.

This is ‘rUDIMENTARY’, an enthralling 5-tracks EP made of charming and sensual tunes, out on September 25, 2020, on all the major digital platforms. This remarkable release is accompanied by a music video for the lead track “bEFORE tHE eND”, and it will be followed by the first of a three-part anime story, featuring the FALL or FLIGHT Spaceman, busy returning to his beloved one … the girl on the cover of the project.

This is the theme around which ‘rUDIMENTARY’ develops, a collection of crisp and sensual stimulations rooted in the category of electronics, with which the elusive FALL or FLIGHT accompanies us in the disturbing journey of a lover.

From the initial hesitation to jump into the earliest signs of infatuation, the 5 songs of ‘rUDIMENTARY’ pin-points a sentimental trippy pathway that will land to the earnest pleas to avoid the bittersweet ending of a seasoned relationship that has run its course.


An organic and atmospheric enveloping listening experience, FALL or FLIGHT work unwinds smoothly and liquid in a soft and intriguing sonic journey.

Starting with the live instrumentation of the Jazzy/Chillwave vibrations of ‘the eMBRYONIC’, FALL or FLIGHT ferries the ear to the Synth Pop shores of ‘dESIRE’ and the crispy Afrobeat horizons of ‘2 tOUCH U’.

Next, there’s the Pop/Emo tune ‘bEFORE tHE eND’, which amiably introduces the project’s swan song ‘iS oVER’, which laments the end of the love affair, over a deceptively pleasing Tropical Trap beat.

Here it is evident how FALL or FLIGHT has meticulously devised his EP as a single and organic work to be listened to and enjoyed in all its entirety, as a single piece.

There is an ephemeral as well as a palpable thread that makes each track a call for the next one. Of course, we are not revealing a secret. In fact, just concatenating the titles of the individual tracks you compose the complete sentence “Rudimentary: the embryonic desire 2 touch u before the end is over.”

However, the way in which FALL or FLIGHT draws this line is fascinating. So subtle and refined, he outlines a sinusoid.

This is a path that seems to be defined and developed by the history, even before then by the artist’s hand.

A path that has already led FALL or FLIGHT and his music to new perspectives.

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