The latest work by FALL or FLIGHT is an interesting and gripping number full of electronic pop that offers us a compelling example of their creative signature. While the artist remains apparently invisible (at the moment there seem to be no public images nor particular details to be found about them), what one can’t fail to notice is their music.

With the brilliant and compelling ‘aUTHENTIC’ FALL or FLIGHT brings us a production that emerges for its quality and innovative musicality. If with the previous ‘pRIMAL iNSTINCT’ the artist had already stood out for a certain touch of compositional originality, here FALL or FLIGHT’s whimsical verve seems to have found an exquisite, dynamic and engaging balance that effectively manages to keep the listener’s attention high until the end of the track.

Silhouetted in an eclectic scenario that screams future house, the mix leaves all the space necessary to keep lit the central fire that is the singer’s voice. In a troubled relationship, here she is asking her lover to remain authentic.

FALL or FLIGHT - aUTHENTIC - single cover

‘AUTHENTIC’ by FALL or FLIGHT is available for streaming everywhere starting today, April 10 2020. Find the track on your favorite platform at the link:

FALL or FLIGHT planned to release a single or EP every month for the rest of the year. So, to avoid missing any of their upcoming releases, check out and follow them at these links: