Cold World by FadeTheBlackk ft.  b*star - artwork
Cold World by FadeTheBlackk ft. b*star – artwork

Recently New York rapper Antonio Rosario, known by the pseudonym of FadeTheBlackk, has released a new single titled “Cold World”.

With over seven years behind him dedicated to perfecting his art, he has developed a style that goes back to his Latin American roots, blending them with the heart of the first hip-hop music out of the Bronx.

This is how FadeTheBlackk creates an impactful and effective sound, to which he combines his lyrical ability and a deep sensibility.

In 2018, FadeTheBlackk collaborated with Warner Music Group as part of their new independent music distribution platform, Level. Through them he published his return single “Visions“, a record that shows the growth and artistic development started by this young artist; an artistic development that is still ongoing and reaches a new, even higher levels with “Cold World“.

Every verse is a breath of fresh and pungent oxygen that reaches you, straight and thin, flow after flow, thanks to a vocal performance perfectly layered inside the mix, underlined by a substantial arrangement.

As it already happened with “Visions“, thanks to his ability to articulate his lyrics in the right places, FadeTheBlackk once again demonstrates a natural, clear and evident talent.

Captivating, clear and never wavering.
This is the sound of FadeTheBlackk.
This is the sound of “Cold World“.

Discover now the sound of FadeTheBlackk. Listen now to “Cold World” and all his music, available on his Soundcloud profile [ here ]