Evoletah - Run With The Hunted - album artwork

Distilling decades of production and fruition in a collection of textures rich in pictorial details and emotional nuances, the Adelaide singer, songwriter and producer Matt Cahill brings us a distillate of high refinement, richly embellished with ’80s avant-pop blooms, set amidst jazz vibrations.

The collection that Evoletah brings us is a delicious act of the most genuine musical art that only certain musicians and artists are capable of creating. Cahill not only plays drums, percussion, guitars, and e-bow on the album, but his is also one of the communicative and touching voices, alongside those of the Californian electro-soul diva Heather Christie and of Australian jazz princess Shanna Ransley. Talents matched only by the keys of the pianist Ben Johns and by the electric and vertical bass of Michael Shanahan.

The unity of Evoletah thus becomes a concentrate of virtuosity and technical intelligence, applied to bright colors, flawlessly spread on a cinematically arranged canvas.

Through the passion and stylistic grace of ‘Run with the Hunted’, combined with the excellent level of vocal and instrumental performance of the incredibly talented artists involved, Evoletah brings us a collection of songs in which to get lost and find yourself magically.

The excellently composed musical prose is only the umpteenth value of a production of such an incredibly high quality we have rarely heard in recent times.

Through this work full of reflective vulnerability and imbued with enormous compassion, Evoletah whispers us the idea that we may challenge those who want to tell us how to live and what to die for.

Chiseled into the creative groove traced by the entire album, the lead track of ‘Run With The Hunted’ is both a gem among gems and a magnificent synthesis of the whole release.

A journey within a journey, to enter a world of subtle and refined artistic expression, the single is accompanied by the official video, which you can watch on the Evoletah YouTube channel.

Evoletah accompanies the commemorative edition of the album ‘Run with the Hunted’ with a limited edition wine: South Australian McLaren Vale Shiraz – Vintage Shiraz grape. If you are interested, you can find more information at this link.

All photography by: Tommo Luke @tomato.da.pro

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