Released on February 21, 2020, 'Worlds Apart' is the 11-track album by the talented Ever Hazel, a collection of raw, heartfelt songs including themes of virtual reality and space travel.

Ever Hazel_Piano plants

To be savoured in all its expressive facets, each one so full of meaning, with expressive sinusoids that glide and gradually open in enlightening embraces, the whole album stands out for its excellent compositional work, among arpeggiated piano pedals, refined clarinets, sax ensemble weaves and airy angelic choirs.

Over edifying harmonic modulations, through an acoustic mix of exquisite workmanship, here emerges Hazel’s penetrating and communicative voice. Richly colorful, though focused on a warm and calming fire, the expressive range that Ever exhibits through all the tracks is truly touching.

From the most delicate caresses to the most biting afflictions, Ever modulates every single verse with every breath, suggesting an endless quantity of figurations. From the unexpected flight of a butterfly to the biting pain of loneliness, from the asynchronous gliding of a falling leaf to sun warming your skin, we could go on for days writing about the images and sensations that this magnificent album evokes.

Masterfully written and produced, and set in a musical aesthetic full of an unparalleled expressiveness, with this album Hazel gives us a real work of musical art. Enhanced by the dynamism and intelligibility with which the variability of details is returned and the characterization maintained by every single stroke of the myriad of nuances exhibited, this is one of the few cases in which we wanted to “own” and absorb every single drop of a release.

We already placed our order to purchase the CD version of ‘Worlds Apart’ on Bandcamp. Needless to say, we can only advise you to do the same. But should you still not be convinced, ‘Worlds Apart’ is available in streaming on all major digital platforms.

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