Esperi // In a Moment, Emotion, Sentment - album review on NOVA MUSIC blog
Esperi – solo outfit of Chris James Marr – performing live

Esperi is the solo outfit of Scottish composer and multi-instrumentalist Chris James Marr. Back in 2012 he released In A Moment, Emotion, Sentiment, a remarkable album with a minimal and dreamy sound, yet at the same time rich in details and really eclectic.

Esperi makes a poignant, delicate music that could be called folk if it weren’t for the electronic loops and the myriad of instruments that mesh together to construct every song. There are so many ideas that goes into each track.

Every element is like a little tantalizing trick, pulled out of a toy box, layer upon layer. Time after time, track by track, Chris continually introduces new details to grip your attention.

All converge with Chris’ pleasant vocals and reassuring guitar. It’s all fused together, with no detail sounding superfluous or out of place. This album is a colorful rainbow over the sky, a little faded by the sunlight and perfectly blended into the landscape.

The mellow and gentle touch of Esperi‘s songs is deceptively, way more inspired and complex than you would expect. It’s an intimate, fervid dream.

Fans of artists such as Bon Iver, Iron and Wine, Mum will definitely connect with the vibes of this record!

Have a listen now to In A Moment, Emotion, Sentiment and find out more about Esperi gigs and discography:

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