Young and talented Erin Coburn is a force to be reckoned with who, through her powerful voice and an artistic maturity many veterans will envy, shows off all her magnetism in a unique blend of rock and blues with a contemporary and refreshing taste.

Extracted from the album ‘Out From Under’ released in November 2019, her latest single ‘Fast Paced & Freakish’ is a thrilling, adrenaline-fueled number, with an groove in continual evolution driven by guitars and aflame with a lyricism that’s deeply-felt and full of transport.

The song is about the anxious feeling of things going too fast, of adult obligations rushing at you, of not feeling ready for them, and about the nagging feel that maybe you’re becoming the person someone else decided you should be. It is a fast paced and aggressive anthem, charged with the tumultuous contrast between having to grow and not wanting to leave childhood behind too quickly.

One of the most surprising discoveries among the young artists we have listened to in recent months.

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