Spontaneous, sardonic, vulnerable, solo artist Eric Silverman’s long-awaited debut EP ‘Rookie’ is a captivating work with a refined musical aesthetic, the result of a natural experimentation process that was born just as the artist was entering to the studio trying to devise and explore the right atmosphere and sound for his next project.

Available in streaming from the end of February, we had the pleasure of previewing this interesting work.

Through the 5 tracks of ‘Rookie’ Silverman brings us a release full of an exquisite sense of freedom, which shines fresh, airy, enveloping and engaging, thanks to a noteworthy expressive and compositional richness.

The attention to detail, the quality of production, and the way in which each element of the sound spectrum branches out and then reunites in a coherent and consistent organicity provides an expressive richness of details worth discovering and appreciating one by one.

A remarkable release, and we can’t wait to give you a more in-depth retrospective about it.

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Eric Silverman // Rookie - EP cover
Eric Silverman // Rookie - EP cover